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Athlete during the winter

Athlete during the winter

Why is exercise so important for health in winter?

Winter time is cold time. The constant change between cold outside temperatures and warm, dry air makes things difficult for the immune system. Physical activity effectively strengthens the immune system, so that the incidence of influenza-like infections is reduced. In addition, regular exercise has been shown to help low mood. The dreaded winter blues can be avoided through exercise, as happiness hormones are released during exercise. This effect increases when you are active outdoors. Sunlight increases the body’s production of vitamin D. Vitamin D brightens mood and is also for Maintain bone health Necessary.

How do I become an athlete during the winter?

As mentioned earlier, being physically active in the fresh air during the winter months greatly enhances health. However, of course no one has to run through a blizzard and icy snow. There are many opportunities to exercise indoors and outdoors. For example, membership in a gym or gym can be envisaged. With many service providers there is possibility to enter only for the winter half year. Swimming is the completely independent alternative to weather and joints.

Moreover, the cold season provides the opportunity to try out many winter sports. How about snowboarding or snowboarding, for example? Of course, skating (with or without children) is part of the athletic balance. Hiking through snowy forests brings harmony between body and soul.

If you can’t motivate yourself to exercise in the winter months or when the weather is bad, set up your own mini gym at home. This works, for example, with miscellaneous Maxxus Cardiac Machines.

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3 Tips for exercising in winter: what to consider?

In order to exercise safely in winter, there are some rules of conduct that must be observed to reduce the risk of injury. We’ve summarized our top three tips below:

1. Appropriate clothing

If you are running or hiking outside in the winter, you should definitely make sure you have sturdy, waterproof shoes. Non-slip sole prevents accidents. As far as the attire is concerned, casual wear or an “onion look” is recommended.

2. The right to warm up

Warming up before exercise is generally important. During winter training outdoors, warming up is especially important. To avoid injury, you should warm up for 5 minutes before exercising. Light jogging or stretching is fine.

3. Proper breathing

If you exercise outside, be sure to breathe through your nose. On the other hand, if you breathe through your mouth, the cold air flows directly into your lungs. This can lead to irritation of the mucous membranes and airways. When breathing through the nose, oxygen uptake is also improved.