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Atletico star Luis Suarez pays Ronald Koeman from FC Barcelona with phone chants

Atletico star Luis Suarez pays Ronald Koeman from FC Barcelona with phone chants

Koeman had told Suarez over the phone in September 2020 that he was no longer betting on him at FC Barcelona.

After the match, the 34-year-old denied that his chants were directed at the Barcelona coach.

“It was for people who know I still have the same number and that I still use the phone,” Suarez said after the match. “It had nothing to do with Koeman. I made it up with my kids for fun, should I meet.”


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However, his interpretation does not seem credible. After Koeman’s invitation, Suarez moved to Atletico Madrid in 2020, scoring 21 goals in 32 league matches last season, thus contributing significantly to Diego Simeone’s team winning the championship.

Suarez pays Barcelona with his goal

To this day, Suarez feels he has not been treated fairly by Barcelona.

He said in an interview with “TVE” a few days ago: “They hurt me. I’m a player who gave everything I had. They treated me like this hurt me.” And: “Destiny determines who did it right and who did not.”

After all, coach Koeman should be upset by Suarez’s strong performance for letting him go.

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