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Atmospheric music that comes from the heart

Atmospheric music that comes from the heart

Schönesburg's band Kloane Bagage inspires famous songwriters with their compositions and melodies. That's what the party was like.

“Such a big crowd for such a small baggage,” said Paul Utz of Green Village Circle with a smile as he greeted the large crowd and was happy that so many music fans were eagerly waiting for the Kloanen Bagage concert to start. Schönesberg Gasthaus Daferner.

The three-hour evening witnessed a fireworks display with enchanting melodies, atmospheric rhythms and heartfelt music. The Kloane Bagage team impressed with their own compositions as well as the tunes of world-famous songwriters – all in Bavarian. Many of the original compositions were written by the Toms (Schmid and Heider), who can also write romantic love songs and ballads, as well as rock and roll and blues. In addition to the original musician Tom Schmid, who conducted the evening in a charming, funny, sometimes self-parodic way and of course in Bavarian, Tom Haider (electric guitar) and two Ehkirchen compatriots Monica Paula (accordion, vocals) and Gerhard Kivi shone on drums.

Kalwan Bajaj in Schönsberg: A song that was about injustices in Deutsche Bahn

The lineup opened the musical evening with a rendition of “Lookin' out my back door” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Only here the song was called “Neilich in the train compartment” and referred to the injustices in the German Federal Railways. The song was about a stressed-out Helga. A member of the supervisory board of a chemical company was described as a “businesswoman” who still has to get somewhere quickly, who has no time for friends, and who meditates and practices yoga with the motto “There is no one but me in my life.” The beloved musicians received vocal support from Jutta Krebencher, wife of Tom Haider, who integrated harmoniously into the team.

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To relax and enjoy, Tom Schmid recommended the peppy “Bood-Liad” written by Nick Cave and beautifully sung by Monica Paula. The song “Schneemo” by Gerhard Keefe was reminiscent of the coming spring, making the stately snowman look sad. Susan Vega's “Luka” became “Hunga,” about Tom Schmid's insatiable appetite that his wife wants to check in the refrigerator with a wildlife camera.

Kloane Bagage also sang a song about Newburgh

After the break, Tom Schmid described growing up in Nyborg, saying: “Coming here, it has a lot of flair.” At that time, there was still Fury, Flipper, and Galina, but Hertlein was still there. Every couple has probably experienced that funny phrase, “Wife, you're driving” at some point. The husband's statement “I won't say anything” is empty and there is no escape from real argument.

The enthusiastic audience rewarded the artists with thunderous applause, which thanked them three times. The FCE anthem “Black on White” and “Bayernliad”, which can be sung alongside Bavarian obscenities such as “Hoadalump”, “Sacklzupfa” and “Zipfischnoiza”, was a must-see.