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Austria beat Sepsi OSK 3:1

Austria beat Sepsi OSK 3:1

At half-time, as in the first test, the Violets made a complete change, including Dejan Radonjic in the back four and Sanel Salgi in the back ten. It did not take long for the new Austrians to make their debut against the Romanians. Romeo Vucic interacted well with Muki Huskovic, who shot the ball and used Vucic's pass from close range (51).

Shortly afterwards, Mirko Kos was on the post when Sebsis was attacked, and it took until the 77th minute before the Violets gave the visitors another chance, but this time Kos did not have to intervene. At the other end, Andy Gruber and Co. did their best, but there was no danger here either. Luka Pazoric caused a shock moment when he hyperextended his knee and was briefly on the turf, but he was able to continue playing again a few minutes later.

Only at the end did things get difficult again: Čalić first had a chance to score the fourth goal in a one-on-one, but the Romanian goalkeeper saved it (87). Kos, on the other hand, found himself in a similar situation, but he did not have to intervene when the shot went over the goal (87).

Stephen Helm“We trained very intensively over the last two days, so it wasn’t easy for the team today. The opposition defended man-to-man all over the pitch, but we tried to find solutions, which we partly succeeded in doing. “We were very aggressive against the ball, we won a lot of the ball, we scored three goals, but obviously there are still a lot of things we can improve on.”

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Lucas Weddle, Lucas Galvao, Marvin Martins and Marco Rago were not in the squad.

Austria Vienna – SEPSI OSK 3:1 (2:1)

Austria, Hertz I: Shahin Radlinger – Ranftl ©, Handel, Blavutic, Schmelzer – Barry, Butzmann – Nchindo (test player), Fitz, Cristiano – Malone

Second strike: Kos – Pazourek, Radonjic, Meisl, Guenouche – Catfish, Fisher © – Gruber, Šaljić, Huskovic – Vučic

Austria goals: Barry 12th, Malone 36th, Hoskovic 51st.

Football Arena Bad Tatzmannsdorf; Referee Leitner