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Austria builds on Werner's advice against LASK

Austria builds on Werner’s advice against LASK

Austria is aiming for a “huge starting position” next spring – it looks like the future of LASK Wieland coach is open.

Internationally, LASK is looking to increase its chances in the Bundesliga as well at the end of the year. Five games before the end of the regular season, only tenth place for Linzer am Sonntag results (From 5 pm on the Sport24 LIVEA major match in Austria. And by winning you reach one point over the sixth place in Venice. For their part, they want to get rid of a competitor.

The Austria coach said: “The importance of this match is great for both teams. Our goal is to win, or at least keep LASK at a distance. If we win, LASK should not be able to catch us under normal circumstances.” Manfred Schmid’s starting point from a purple point of view. Schmid was expecting the intrusion of guests. LASK will operate aggressively. “They need to win. They will try to attack us early, to put us under pressure.”

LASK can collect arguments for all Wieland

For Andreas Wieland, success at the Generali Arena may be a small piece of the puzzle to staying coached for the athletes. How the search for a new coach will continue remains unclear even after the 3-0 win over Helsinki. Sports director Radovan Vujanovic did not let himself be seen. Wieland, who was provisionally used until the winter break, reached the last 16 in the Conference League, but LASK continued to run below its league potential.

In Vienna, black and white want to hit everything again. Wieland was already rotating against Helsinki to prepare for the assignment. “We still have 90 minutes to go and stoppage time,” the 38-year-old stressed. “We will mobilize all our resources to put in a good performance and get a good result.” “I think we are all very excited about the game,” said striker Andreas Gruber with Sunday’s goal.

LASK stayed all night in Klagenfurt, on Friday he went to Linz. The team will not leave for Vienna until Sunday morning. The score was 0-2 against Austria in the first duel of the season. This was the first league win for the Violet at the time. Since then, the candidates have proven themselves to be unpleasant opponents. Austria can also welcome the masses on Sunday night after the end of the lockdown. 4000 participants are allowed to enter the stadium. Since Vienna’s city slate wasn’t drafted on Friday afternoon, there’s likely no tasting. PCR testing as well as 2G regulation should also be mandatory. Austria recommended bringing one with you.

Violet with employee concerns

At the end of the fall season, Schmid was experiencing personal problems. The team’s young striker, Mahrem Hoskovic, is absent, as is the veteran Markus Suttner, Ziad Al-Shewi, who has to stop for months after suffering a cruciate ligament rupture. The 17-year-old struggled after the bad news, according to Schmid. “We will do everything we can to take good care of him.” At the far left, the North Macedonia Under-21 team player, Filip Antofsky, can play in the German Bundesliga for the first time.

Referring to the schedule, Schmid said again, “If we win the match, we’ll have a great starting position in our last four games. Then we’ll be sitting under the Christmas tree with a smile.” The target now is clearly the main group.

Werner joins Austria

Someone who knows the people of Linz well will contribute his experience to Austria in the future. Jürgen Werner is part of the group of investors who should lead Austria to a more rosy financial future. The former mastermind of LASK must let his experience flow in the future. “You can see the work he’s done at LASK to this day,” Schmid said. “Obviously there will be an exchange. We would strongly advise that if we had a lot of experience at the club, we wouldn’t use it.” Contracts between the club and the investor must be signed by Christmas. It would be an extra pre-Christmas gift for the struggling club.

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