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Austria continues to lead the EU in terms of confidence in justice - Politics -

Austria continues to lead the EU in terms of confidence in justice – Politics –

Austrians trust Justizia

Public confidence in the independence of the judiciary compared to the European Union is still higher than in Austria. 83% have a “very good” or “fairly good” picture of the independence of courts and judges, according to a “barometer of justice” published by the EU Commission on Thursday. Although Austria has reduced by about three percentage points compared to 2020, it is still ahead of Finland in the EU ranking.

Eurobarometer surveys show no loss of confidence in the Austrian judiciary, on the contrary. In the past five years, the value has risen to more than 80 percent and put Finland, Germany and Luxembourg in second, third and fourth place. Greece came in late, dropping in value by just under 20 percent.

About 6.5% of those questioned in Austria justified their distrust of the influence of politics and economic pressure on courts and judges. About 7% also expressed the opinion that the status and position of judges would not sufficiently guarantee their independence. In Greece, the perceived influence of politicians is highest at around 50%.

Incidentally, the Austrian judiciary is not seen as independent by corporations as it is by the general public. Here Austria ranks fourth after Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

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