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Austria to Germany again a high-risk area

Austria to Germany again a high-risk area

As of today, Germany has once again classified Austria as a high-risk area due to the high number of coronavirus infections. Thus, when entering Germany from Austria, registration and quarantine of non-vaccinated persons is required. Germany’s Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced the decision on Friday.

This links to a warning from the Foreign Ministry in Berlin about non-essential tourist trips, but there is no travel ban. The official travel warning makes it easier for tourists to cancel trips that have already been booked for free. As of today, all nine countries neighboring Germany are on the risk list.

Anyone who enters Germany from a high-risk area and does not have at least complete basic protection with the second injection normally necessary or has recovered, must be in quarantine for ten days and can free themselves from this as soon as five days after entering with a negative test. For children under the age of six, isolation ends automatically five days after admission.

The municipalities of Mittelberg (Kleinwalsertal) and Jungholz as well as Ri├čtal in the Vomp municipality district and Eben am Achensee were excluded from the classification as high-risk areas. Austria was previously on the German list of high-risk countries from November 14 to Christmas Day (December 25).

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