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Austrian Football Association goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann does not fear the Danish leader

Austrian Football Association goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann does not fear the Danish leader

Whether the ÖFB team is able to surprise the Danish leader on Tuesday will depend mainly on goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann.

Three days after a lackluster 2-0 win away to the Faroe Islands on Tuesday (8.45pm/Live ORF1), Austria’s national soccer team awaits in World Cup qualifiers with Denmark at the top of the table. While ÖFB-Elf is only fourth after a poor qualification so far, the still flawless Danes want to secure a World Cup ticket with a home win. Austria’s top seed Daniel Bachmann, once one of the AFA’s strongest players in the Faroe Islands, believes his side will be able to surprise despite the bad omens.


First leg lost in Vienna 4-0 and down 11 points in the table: While everything speaks against Austria in Denmark, Austria is not without a chance for Watford’s Bachmann team on Tuesday. “We didn’t swim on noodle soup either,” said the 27-year-old, who didn’t prepare specifically for the Danish attackers. “I’m there to not let the ball go into the goal – it doesn’t matter who we play against. It makes no difference whether it’s the number 150 or the number 1 in the world.” He will also need Bachmann at his best to be able to stop the goal-hungry Danes, 26 goals in seven games.

matching practice

The season at Watford has not gone well with Bachmann so far. The victory in the Faroe Islands was his first competitive game since 9/11. The 27-year-old has missed three Premier League matches due to knee problems. A week before that against Leeds (0-1), he had been training for two days, but then did not play. But before the match, there were also “little things in the background” that had nothing to do with the sport, said the ÖFB goalkeeper, without going into details. “That’s the situation, everything will be clarified. I’m sure I’ll be in goal again against Liverpool.”

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strengthen – strengthen

In front of the Faroe Islands, Bachmann’s strengths and weaknesses were clearly visible within a few minutes. With his superb defense with the foot, the Lower Austrian prevented an early deficit and thus once again proved difficult to beat on the streak. Even with the high balls he shows himself more stable than his predecessor in the ÖFB goal, Alexander Schlager, who played his last cap in 0:4 against Denmark.

Weak points

Even before Saturday’s big show, weaknesses were clearly visible. In the Faroe Islands, the English Legion rocked the ball on its foot several times. These deficiencies in football were already evident in the European Championship. However, no opponent had punished them yet. Hopefully Bachmann would make the Danes desperate by rallies, thus laying the groundwork for a surprise.