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Austrian Football Association president Milic resigns –

Austrian Football Association president Milic resigns –


The President of the Austro-Hungarian Confederation, Gerhard Milich, resigned. The 66-year-old recently came under frequent criticism in connection with the advertising business of his publishing house.

The background is allegations against Milic that he used his honorary position at the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) to gain publicity clients for his publishing house’s publications. Burgenlander has always denied this. In a personal statement about his resignation, Milic wrote on Tuesday afternoon that he felt compelled to resign as UEFA president with immediate effect “because of the massive negative media campaign and internal attacks” against him.

Milic: I have nothing to blame

According to Milletich, this withdrawal aims to protect its private and business environment and aims to avoid further damage to the ÖFB. However, he openly stated that he had never abused his honorary position as President of the ÖFB. “Looking back, I would have made some contacts a little differently from today’s perspective. However, I have always worked for the Austrian Football Association and Austrian football, and therefore I have nothing to blame myself for,” Milic said in his statement.

Causa has been brewing since November

The case had been in the public eye since November 2022. At that time, the allegations against Milic became known: several media outlets, chief among them the weekly magazine News and the Courier, reported how Milic had spoken to ÖFB sponsors about advertisements in targeting his publisher’s magazines. Milletich wanted to obtain a counter statement in court, but the process was lost – more on that in Koza Milic: He didn’t want to. At the same time, the allegations were investigated by the Bundesliga’s Ethics Committee. Even before this report was published, Milic announced his resignation.

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The shortest term of office of the President of the Confederation of Austria

In September 2021, Milletich defeated his opponent, businessman Roland Schmid, in a contest vote at the Election Commission for the position of ÖFB president. A month later he was finally elected its president for a four-year term. Under him, Ralf Rangnick, an internationally renowned coach, was appointed as the new team boss. In addition, the construction of the new ÖFB Training Center in Vienna-Aspern was overhauled. Now his term as president of the ÖFB has ended prematurely. Thus, Milic had the shortest – non-interim – term as head of the Confederation of Trade Unions in the 119-year history of the association.

FPÖ: The resignation is not surprising

Milic’s decision comes as no surprise after months of allegations against him, according to FPÖ Country Director Rudolf Smolig. In addition to Milic, Burgenland football clubs and officials, who were immediately looked down upon throughout Austria, would also suffer damage.