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Austrian Football Association Team: Martin Hinterger in Rakhoa, Frankfurt-Rochede - Football - Austrian Football Federation

Austrian Football Association Team: Martin Hinterger in Rakhoa, Frankfurt-Rochede – Football – Austrian Football Federation

looseness. Martin Hinterger’s mantra was clearly relaxed at a UEFA media meeting on Sunday.

The indolence shown by the Frankfurt Corps has been missing from the ÖFB in the last few appearances. The 28-year-old knows that this must be restored now in order to lay the groundwork for a successful European Championship.

“Now, against England and Slovakia, it’s about having flexibility and ease in order to beat North Macedonia in particular,” Hinterger said, looking forward to the upcoming tasks of the Austrian soccer federation team.

Past appearances by the national team should serve as a cautionary example. “I hope that was a warning. This wasn’t just a last course, but the two or three tournaments before that, where we won, but we weren’t playing great. So I hope that sharpened everyone’s senses,” Hunterger says.

Match testing as an endurance test

The test match in Middlesbrough, England, on June 2 will be the first international match for the Austrian Federation team since the 4-0 SWAT match against Denmark in a World Cup qualifier at the end of March. At the time, Hinterger was absent from the other UEFA players due to injury, and the Frankfurt Corps wants to fully attack again, which starts with friendly matches, according to Carinthian.

In 2016, after a mixed performance in the pre-season matches, the team believed they could turn the switch in time before the Final Round. That’s why we have to do it in the opposite direction now and define the first dialects. It’s just a test match, but it’s so important because we’re in the last games not comically convincing, ”says Hinteregger, who wants to see a reversal.

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The relaxation in the ÖFB team should return as well. “The aim of the two games is to have indolence. We did not have the ease, even though we have singles players. It is important now to introduce this into demo games. They are important games for us to make the first successful European Championship match.”

Exactly the first European championship match against Macedonia on June 13 could be a decisive factor for President Franco Fouda’s side. Winning would be at least half the battle for a place in the Round of 16. Anything else would put the ÖFB team under a lot of pressure against the Netherlands and Ukraine.

Regarding the euphoria before the 2016 Finals, Hinterger said, “We felt we were in the Round of 16 before we played the first match.” Five years ago, Hinteregger said, the public was only interested in how far the ÖFB team would reach the European Championship.

EM 2016 is taken very seriously

Carinthian played all three group matches for ÖFB over the course of 90 minutes at Euro 2016, making him a veteran of Franco Voda’s squad. Younger players entering the Finals for the first time can also benefit from the lessons of the failed Finals in France.

“They’ve noticed it over the past few months and years. We’ve talked a lot about what happened there and how it went.” In 2016, Hinterger said, the final round was underrated. “We’ve talked a lot about that in the last year or two. Everyone knows what’s important, which is that we should really focus on friendly matches,” warns Hinterger again.

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For Hinterger, the sticking point before the 2016 tournament was the lack of match training at Borussia Moenchengladbach. This is definitely not a problem for the Eintracht Frankfurt regulars this year.

Hintiger will come to the team in very good shape, he says, and the same goes for some of his teammates. “Most of them came here in really good shape, which is also important. I hope we can regain the ease of play. That we, the players, bring what we can onto the field together.”

This is reflected in the training ground. “The workouts are powerful, there is a lot of pace behind them. It makes me feel positive.” Carinthian hopes captain Julian Baumgartlinger and Marco Arnautovic are “really fit”. “Then I think it looks good,” said the German Legion member.

Looking forward to Oliver Glasner

When Hunterger returns to Eintracht Frankfurt after the European Championships, he will be another coach on the sidelines. Adi Hütter continues on Borussia Mönchengladbach, and instead, former Wolfsburg coach Oliver Glasner will take over the mace in the main capital. Hunterger still knows the 46-year-old since their time together at Red Bull Salzburg, where Glasner worked as an assistant coach.

“At the time, he was the perfect assistant coach under Roger Schmidt, and he did an excellent job. The fact that he has evolved further as a head coach, is extraordinary,” Hinterger said early on in his new coach. Glasner wanted to direct Hinterger to Wolfsburg two years ago, but now the two are still working together in Frankfurt.

In any case, Hinterger is indebted to his former coach Huter for making the center back the player he is today. “Two and a half years ago I was a completely different player than I am today. Adi Huter plays a big role in that,” said Hinterger, who thinks Hotter’s departure is a shame, but he can understand his motivations.

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“But I can 100 percent understand that because when you get the chance to work with Max Eberl, it’s very hard to say No. Daddush, I’ve also met Max and I know what a cool character is. Now the next old friend is coming who I hope will push me a step up. one more time “.

Perhaps Martin Hinterger would do well for Austrian football and find the next level of his game, which is already taking place at a high level, ahead of the new season with Oliver Glasner and Eintracht Frankfurt. The ÖFB team can only take advantage of it and forget about the shame of 2016.

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