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Austria's infection rate in 7 days is better than Germany

Austria’s infection rate in 7 days is better than Germany

Coronavirus numbers in Austria continue to decline in Austria. On Thursday, only 1,245 new infections were measured. The seven-day infection cases on Thursday reached 120.7, after 131.8 cases per 100,000 residents the previous day.

Austria now has a lower rate than Germany for the first time – although our northern neighbor has been in severe lockdown for months. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the infection rate in Germany is currently 7 days at 125.7 – the trend here is also clearly positive.

Positive trend

On Thursday, there were 19,229 active cases in Austria – 569 fewer than on Tuesday. This is the first time in more than two months that the number of active patients has fallen below 20,000; Since February 28, the value has always been without interruption above this. On April 3, the all-time high was reached with just over 37,000.

72,302 vaccinations have been carried out since Wednesday. According to the data on the electronic vaccination card, just over 2,460,000 Austrians (27.6%) have already received at least one partial vaccination, and about 905,000 (10.2%) people in Austria are now fully vaccinated. The highest vaccination coverage is now recorded in Burgenland at 31.7 per cent, while Salzburg remains at the bottom with vaccination coverage of 25.4 per cent at present.

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