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AVM is publishing four new lab updates

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AVM has now released new lab versions of FRITZ! With FRITZ! Box 7490 plus the 6660, 7560 and 7530AX cable, four routers receive a beta update. Plus FRITZ! OS 7.24, new releases also affect version 7.26 of the operating system. A total of four builds are available. 07.24-88445 can be downloaded for FRITZ! Box 7490. 07.26-88501 is available for 6660 cable. If you own a 7560 you will get version 07.24-88445. With version 07.24-88468, all 7530 AX users are made available.

The main focus of the current lab updates is on improvements in the stability of the operating system. However, some issues were also fixed. This includes, among other things, that some VPN connections based on third-party solutions are down after a long connection time. With the new update, this should be a thing of the past. With the 7590 AX, devices connected via WLAN may not receive an IPv4 address. It may also happen that users cannot access WiFi devices in home network via VPN. The legend below the “WLAN Channel Allocation” graph now displays in one line. Also resolved was issues with registering repeaters after changing WLAN encryption from “WPA2 + WPA3” to “unencrypted”.

New updates also ensure reliable WPS functionality for WLAN guest access. When using the Telekom CompanyFlex business telephony platform, phone numbers are no longer registered after editing in the user interface. Call blocking is also shown again if they have an entry without a phone number. You can now search for phone numbers in the phone book. The internal fax function can be set up again if the phone book contains an entry without a phone number.

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