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Bacteria on glasses: Which items should be cleaned frequently?

Bacteria on glasses: Which items should be cleaned frequently?

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Glasses should be cleaned daily. © imago

There are many everyday objects that are contaminated with germs. If you know them and clean them regularly, you can even prevent infection.

Investigate an online retailer linstor Find out which everyday objects contain particularly high levels of bacteria. It has been found that the area under the nails and Toilets have the highest concentrations of bacteria. But glasses are also real carriers of germs. Average number of bacteria detected here: 1,277. Depending on the type of dirt, glasses can promote conjunctivitis. If you clean your glasses well once a day, you can effectively prevent this. For comparison: only 38 bacteria were counted on the smartphone screen.

Having a lot of bacteria under your nails

Nothing compared to nails. The area below contains an average of about 50,400 bacteria, e.g linstor-Show investigation. According to a study in JOurnal of Clinical Microbiology Moisture and protection from contact with soap through the nail provide ideal conditions for bacteria to grow.

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To reduce the number of bacteria under your nails, it is recommended to file your nails briefly and use a nail brush while washing your hands. Regular hand washing is also crucial because our hands often come into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces such as public transport handles.

Toilet to sash: what items should also be cleaned frequently

There are also foundation brushes linstor According to him, it is a veritable El Dorado of bacteria and germs. It is important to clean these items regularly to reduce the bacterial load.

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Clothes can also carry viruses and bacteria. The scarf, which is often placed over the mouth and nose, can become contaminated with saliva, nasal secretions and food debris. The warm, humid climate in the mantle provides ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria and viruses. This is why you should wash your scarf regularly – especially after throwing it away or after catching a cold.

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