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Baden – “I found my calling in art”

Baden – “I found my calling in art”

In an exclusive interview with NÖN, Austrian model Werner Schreyer talks about his exceptional artworks that can be seen at the Breyer Gallery “Schauraum” in Baden, his impressive international career, his future work as an artist and what connects him to Baden.

Noon: Mr. Schreier, what experiences and encounters during your career in major fashion cities like Paris, London, Milan and Los Angeles have shaped and influenced you the most?

Werner Schreier: I was very lucky because shortly after starting, I was able to work with the biggest photographers in the world. And all this in the most beautiful places and cities in the world. And of course, this had a huge impact on me. I am still grateful to everyone for that to this day. When I look at the many different photos, I always look back on them fondly.

They've been in front of the cameras of legends Herb Ritts, Mario Testino, Richard Avedon and Bruce Weber. Is there a favorite photographer or production among all the luxury brands?

Schreier: There is no favorite photographer or label for me. It has been and still is an honor to be involved. There are still modeling assignments, but I am lucky to be able to choose my assignments freely.

A superficial modeling career in the spotlight was often followed by a deep journey into the art world. How did you make your way into art as the first model on the cover of French Vogue, and as an actor who shot with Gérard Depardieu?

Schrier: I have enough to say about my career. Yes, I was the first and only model so far in French Vogue, but now I prefer to let my images do the talking. Drawing helps me focus inward. My passion is strength, intensity and honesty. I have found my fulfillment in art.

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They have been turning to art for 15 years. How do you describe yourself and see and view yourself as an artist?

Schrier: With lots of colors. My inner life takes shape on the canvas in a strong and three-dimensional way. I am inspired by emotions as well as by different encounters. I am open to new influences, I don’t want to commit myself, but I like to experiment. For me, painting is an outlet, a refuge, an anchor and self-realization. “I’m the boss here.” You can follow my creative work on Instagram (artschreyer_werner).

They will soon return to Baden and visit the city of art again. What are the plans for the future?

Schrier: I travel regularly to Baden, the thermal region and Lower Austria. On the one hand for work and on the other hand to meet friends and family. Also for a holiday, to relax or to enjoy a glass of excellent local wine. I was very pleased that so many people accepted Christopher Linn's invitation to my showroom in Frauengasse, thank you.