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Balance Sheet 2023 – Sparkasse: With one of the best results in the anniversary year

Balance Sheet 2023 – Sparkasse: With one of the best results in the anniversary year

2023 has been the most successful year in Sparkasse NÖ Mitte West's recent history. Operating results have more than doubled from around 30 to more than 64 million euros, as the balance sheet now presented shows. This is thanks to the “unexpected interest result”, explains Board Director Helge Haslinger. This made it possible to strengthen the capital base. The equity ratio has been increased to about 19.8 percent, “so it is much higher than is legally necessary,” says Haslinger.

The total balance sheet has also increased: by more than five percent in 2023 and by around 850 million euros in the past five years, Haslinger confirms. The number of customers has increased to nearly 110,000. “750 entrepreneurs have also chosen Sparkasse as new customers,” says Haslinger happily.

“Sparkasse NÖ Mitte West granted loans worth €245 million in 2023, of which around €113 million went to companies in the region,” adds Board Director Peter Hronek. When it comes to precautionary measures, confidence in securities is increasing. According to the balance sheet report, total deposits amounted to approximately 500 million euros, an increase of 8.8%. “Digital applications are now indispensable in all of this,” Hronek asserts. George increasingly became an argument for choosing a savings bank. 2.5 million transactions were made via online banking in 2023, most of them via the app.

The new tools are also intended to contribute to the financial health of savings bank customers. The “Financial Health Check” as a comprehensive counseling approach aims to contribute “to more personal responsibility and personal precaution,” explains Haslinger.

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Sparkasse NÖ Mitte West has also invested in training and new locations. It has just opened in Markersdorf-Haindorf. A location in the Stattersdorf retail park is also planned, says Haslinger, looking to the future. In 2023, €820,000 will be allocated to sponsorship as part of the public good mission. “There are countless events, clubs and organizations behind it,” says Helge Haslinger.