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Baldur’s Gate 3 fans swear by the most useless spell in the game

Baldur’s Gate 3 fans swear by the most useless spell in the game

You just have to ignore some spells.

In Baldur’s Gate 3 there are over 600 actions, spells and skills and already in character creation we have to choose our skills initially from a wide range.

Often times, the power behind skills isn’t obvious and we don’t understand it until we get deeper into the D&D rules. On the other hand, other spells look acceptable on paper but are completely useless in reality – like the one fans have now voted the most useless spell Interest in the whole game.

“You’re as useless as a table top.”

This is what it’s about: D&D fans are currently making fun of it on RedditThe “True Strike” spell in Baldur’s Gate 3 is just as useless as in the tabletop model.

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Below the post we find some discussion of this, including some ideas on how to use the incantation, but almost every conversation stems from this: This spell is useless.

“Sure hit” is -10 out of 10

With the spell, you can affect an enemy that will give you an advantage the next time you attack the target. This means that you can roll the dice twice and the game uses the higher attack value.

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The problem at hand: You use your work to do this and in a way you give up your role. So instead of attacking twice, for example, you only hit once and even if you have an advantage for that attack, that doesn’t make up for the work lost or only in exceptional cases and with a lot of luck.

In addition, the ability blocks one of the valuable and limited spell slots. So you had better choose another skill.

In our guide, we tell you which spells you should choose for the bard class, for example:

By the way: There are many other ways to gain an advantage during combat. It is enough, for example, to have a height advantage and allow ranged magicians and fighters to attack from above. If you have an advantage, the game will always show you this with a small green note.

For you guys, have you tried True Strike and if so, have you found situations where it would be useful? What spells do you like the most so far? Tell us in the comments!