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Ban Vice President BFV -

Ban Vice President BFV –


In the betting scandal surrounding Regionalliga Ost, three other players registered with Burgenland clubs have been banned by UEFA for a year. In addition, the club’s president and vice-president of the Burgenland Football Association (BFV) has been suspended for eight weeks, four of which are conditional.

Specifically, he is the president of ASV Draßburg (County Mattersburg). In October 2021, before the betting scandal broke out, he noticed problems in his team.

Rumors give rise to accusations

“On the way back from the match, allegations were exchanged between the players. There could have been agreements. My client found out about this from several sources and tried to investigate these rumors through his job. However, in the end, he could not determine the veracity of the rumors,” he said. The president’s attorney, David Goodbauer, “has not been clarified yet.”

The case is not referred

As it was just rumours, the chairman of the board did not refer the case to the Austrian Football Association. His lawyer emphasized that he did not want to cause unnecessary disturbances. “In addition, my client thought: ÖFB has no more options than I do. If I don’t find anything, UEFA will probably not find out or do anything,” the lawyer said.

No return as a cum

The club president has not complied with his obligation to report, which is why he has now been banned from his jobs by UEFA for eight weeks, four of which are conditionally. Whether he will continue to head ASV Draßburg remains open. He certainly will not continue in his position as Vice-President of the Burgenland Football Association.

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“From our side, it is very clear that he can no longer exercise this position of vice president,” said BFV President Günter Benkow. According to his lawyer, the suspended president cannot fully understand the ruling, but he accepts it and will not file a protest.