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Basketball – 110: 108 for San Antonio in San Francisco

Basketball – 110: 108 for San Antonio in San Francisco

The decision came in San Francisco at the last second. After Pöltl tied the free throw and missed his second attempt, Keldon Johnson grabbed the rebound and scored 110:108. Exactly 0.3 seconds remained on the clock. “Good start to the road trip,” the local NBA pioneer said succinctly.

Josh Richardson led the San Antonio team with 25 points. The Warriors’ top scorer was Jordan Paul (28) and Klay Thompson (24) in the absence of Stephen Curry. The star may be out for the remainder of the NBA season due to a ligament sprain in his left foot. Tottenham continues on Wednesday with the Portland Trail Blazers.

In a fight for 10th place, which still qualifies them to participate in play called the playoff, the New Orleans Pelicans are now 30-41 victorious with a 117-112 win over the Atlanta Hawks, as is the case with the Los Angeles. Lakers. San Antonio follows in 11th with a score of 28:44.

After overtime, the Phoenix Suns defeated the Sacramento Kings. The NBA leader won 127:124.

Sunday’s NBA results: Golden State Warriors – San Antonio Spurs (7 points, 14 rebounds in 25:43 by Jacob Boltle) 108: 110, Indiana Pacers – Portland Trail Blazers 129: 98, Houston Rockets – Memphis Grizzlies 98: 122, Atlanta Hawks – New Orleans Pelicans 112: 117, Orlando Magic – Oklahoma City Thunder 90:85, Sacramento Kings – Phoenix Suns 124: 127 afterwards, New York Knicks – Utah Jazz 93: 108, Denver Nuggets – Boston Celtics 104: 124 Philadelphia 76ers – Toronto Raptors 88-93.