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Battle scenes, melodies and life signs from PlatinumGames

Dersnik Wrote: ?Today 12:21 AM

hook 16 Wrote: ?Yesterday 10:32 PM

What did those pigs do to the game, just disgusting.

Just out of interest because I have never heard of Babylon to this day:
What exactly should have been in the original?

Nobody knows, because this is the first time we get specific information about the game (apart from legacies and fiction).
It was already indicated that it could be a collaborative in the first CGI teaser of 2018:…Angry Gods
The game in general seems to be stuck in a development structure, because the planned release was even in 2019.
At the end of 2019, there was a short trailer for the fight scene, but without any additional explanations – the art style at that time was a little different than it is today: … ay-trailer
More information for Summer 2020 was supposed to follow, but nothing followed except for a complete silence on the radio.
And only today there was information again about the game after 1.5 years, and for the first time detailed information about what the game should look like in reality.
It may always be planned as a live-service co-op game, and it may also have been rebuilt behind the scenes – more details are unknown.

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