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Battlefield 2042: Holiday Protocol announced – here’s what awaits you!

Battlefield 2042: Holiday Protocol announced – here’s what awaits you!

If you continue playing Battlefield 2042, you can look forward to the new in-game event called Holiday Protocol. Here we’ll tell you what’s inside!

After free-to-play phases and massive discounts as part of the fall discount campaigns, Battlefield 2042 is experiencing something of a second spring. The shooter was off to a very bad start at the time, but DICE remained stubborn and made improvements – and now everything seems to be going better.

Accordingly, many players will likely be happy that Electronic Arts and DICE have now announced a new in-game event for the Christmas season. This limited-time event is called “Holiday Protocol” and will take place during Season 6: Dark Creations.

It starts tomorrow, December 12, on all supported platforms. After that, “Holiday Protocol” will run until January 9, 2024. In each of the four weeks, you can expect different festive experiences with different game modes and popular community creations. You can earn weekly rewards as well as get sign-up bonuses in the second, third and fourth weeks of the event. There are also your own limited-time weekly trials via the Battlefield Portal.

The full schedule is published in infographic form, which you can view below for a better overview:

Battlefield 2042 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series

Battlefield 2042 – Dark Protocol Event Trailer

The currently popular Battlefield 2042 game is getting a new event with ‘Dark Protocol’.

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