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Battlefield 2042 soundtrack details released

Battlefield 2042 soundtrack details released

The Team Electronic Arts and DICE Battlefield 2042 released their latest Battlefield Briefing Report today. In today’s blog post, fans can find out where the messy and futuristic official soundtrack is located Battlefield 2042 And get an insight into a deep-dive interview with the composer and some exclusive audio tracks.

The full blog post is available at EA’s official website.

In addition to the complex vocal range of Battlefield 2042 There’s also a dystopian soundtrack that fits perfectly into the world of 2042 – composed by Heldor Gonadottir and Sam Slater, who co-starred in the Academy Award-winning ‘Joker’ and ‘Chernobyl’ score. The blog also features an in-depth interview with the authors about the creative process, the inspiration behind the songs, and related instruments and samples that went into the tracks.

The soundtrack is playing Itunes and other major digital music services available for purchase worldwide. It can open files spotifyAnd An appleAnd AmazonGoogle, Deezer, and Tidal can be streamed (and purchased).

The latest Battlefield synopsis also offers five free tracks from the soundtrack, with the last two even being produced exclusively for the briefing: Battlefield 2042 ThemeAnd orbitalAnd Observe the beautiful shapesAnd not corrugated And dry ice.

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