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Battlefield: EA hires Seattle for a new single player campaign

Battlefield: EA hires Seattle for a new single player campaign

Battlefield 2042 is usually considered a failure, but EA is far from ready to abandon the shooter franchise because of it. Work on a new campaign for the shooter series will be taking place at a new studio in Seattle.

Publisher Electronic Arts wants to put Battlefield back on track and hire new employees for this. A new studio in Seattle will be outfitted with new developers to work on the franchise’s single-player campaign. It’s unclear if this should be handed over later to Battlefield 2042, which is considered a failure, or if a future game within the series is planned.

According to the post, they are looking for people to create “rich and exciting stories with unforgettable characters and powerful experiences in the Battlefield universe.” So you are looking for a design manager to work on a project that is supposed to be in the early stages of development. The required employee will contribute significantly to the design of the mission, game mechanics, and narrative; One strives for the “highest possible quality experience”.

Battlefield 2042 It has been criticized for a lack of a campaign, among other things – a fact that EA now appears to want to eradicate.

The new studio was built in Seattle just last year. There Marcus Leto, co-creator of the Halo series, leads the team. Lehto was still on his way after Halo and before his EA adventure fell apart a job.

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