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Bayern Munich fan tickets in Salzburg are expensive?  UEFA designer

Bayern Munich fan tickets in Salzburg are expensive? UEFA designer

Munich – Are Bayern Munich fans paying too much? Supporters of the record champions have protested against RB Salzburg over ticket prices in the Champions League round of 16, and now UEFA is taking care of that.

“There are contacts with UEFA on this matter, and the process is ongoing,” Salzburg FC said in an interview with Kicker. In last Wednesday’s match, the activist Bayern Munich fans’ union protested over expensive tickets with a clearly visible “club number 12” banner.

In addition, a statement on the fan union’s website complained of “prices that do not comply with the rules.” This statement refers to UEFA regulations, according to which fans of a visiting team in similar categories do not have to pay higher ticket prices than supporters of the host.

Bayern fans complain about high ticket prices

Tickets for Salzburg fans in the 1-1 draw in the lower division cost 30 euros, while Munich fans had to pay 60 euros for each ticket.

When asked about the possibility of reimbursement for the extra expenses, Salzburg press spokesman Christian Kircher already said the following: “I don’t want to foresee the process in progress, but what I can say is that ticket pricing has been set in close coordination with FC Bayern. 60 euros only affected At the lower ranks in the guest sector, it was agreed with Bayern Munich that the prices of tickets for the return leg in Munich will be the same.”

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