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Bear on Mars?  Alien NASA pictures

Bear on Mars? Alien NASA pictures

man in the moon? NASA can get ahead of that and is currently bringing Bear on Mars to the Internet.

This bearded image of the Martian crater was taken by a NASA spacecraft operated by the University of Arizona (Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UArizona)

The human brain is wired to detect faces, animals, or other familiar objects in other objects. This sensory illusion is called pareidolia and should explain why Christ still appears on slices of toast, faces in moon pits, or Flowers and frogs on Mars is discovered.

It’s no surprise that Mars, in particular, has repeatedly fooled us into believing that life is thriving. Several NASA probes and probes are currently examining the Red Planet from all angles. From time to time, strange things come before the lens — like the face of a bear that’s now staring at researchers from the surface of Mars.

How did the “bear” appear on Mars?

The crater imaged by the University of Arizona’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s HiRISE camera no doubt looks like an almost 3D bear’s face—at least to a human prone to pareidolia, including eyes, a nose, and a slightly open mouth.

No contact with aliens? According to NASA, this is not a good sign

The photo is of course pure coincidence, as the University of Arizona explained in a press release. The collapsed outline of a crater buried in mud or lava can form the bear’s head, the V-shaped structure of a collapsed mound can form the nose, and two small pits of the bear’s eyes.

Just like crop circles on Earth, these images on Mars are the work of aliens, but merely the product of random rock formations – and last but not least the blossoming imagination of human perception.

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