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Because of tax policy: a protest against Urban

Because of tax policy: a protest against Urban

IHungary has tax tightening by the government under Victor Urban An opportunity for the opposition to send a signal of life for the first time since its devastating election defeat in April. There have been demonstrations against tax policy in Budapest since the beginning of last week.

It’s about a flat tax credit for small businesses once they are filed under Orbán. According to the government, it has been increasingly exploited for phantom self-employment. In an urgent measure, made possible by the parliamentary majority of Orban’s two-thirds national conservative Fidesz party, the amendment was pushed through overnight.

On Saturday, according to the organizers, up to 6,000 people in the capital followed a call from Peter Markie G. to protest under the slogan “Hungary wakes up!”. Mark Z. was the largest candidate for a united opposition list in the last parliamentary elections. After their defeat – Fides surprisingly defended a two-thirds majority in Parliament – most of her former supporters turned their backs on her.

He retired as mayor of the regional town of Hódmezövásárhely, but founded a movement called Hungary belongs to all. In his speech, Marky Zay criticized austerity measures and called Urban’s campaign a lie.