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Become Santa Claus yourself: The Catholic Church in Styria offers a training course

Become Santa Claus yourself: The Catholic Church in Styria offers a training course

Be Santa Claus yourself and make children’s eyes sparkle – it will be possible again soon. The Catholic Church in Styria offers a two-hour course at the end of November to prepare interested Styrian residents to dress as Saint Nicholas themselves on December 6th.

Styria. White beard, noble robe, bishop’s hat and staff – many children are already looking forward to December 6th and with it VisitNicholas I put my trust in you. But what would it actually take to embody a saint from Myra in Asia Minor? Does Santa really need a white beard and can a woman also be Santa Claus? What stories do you tell children? Will an angel, Krampus, come with you, or can you do it alone? What gifts belong in the bag? What should you wear and where do you get clothes? Is Santa Claus the same as Santa Claus?

Anyone and everyone can be Santa Claus

Anyone who has ever asked themselves one of these questions or always wanted to make children’s eyes light up because Santa Claus now has the opportunity to participate Styrian Catholic Church Become an apprentice.

“Our training is for everyone who is traveling as Santa Claus or wants to be one this year.”
Benedict SchoenhuberChairman of the Catholic Youth Group in Styria

the turn The conference will be held on November 29 from 6pm to 8pm in the ground floor hall of the Episcopal Regular at Bischofplatz 4 in Graz. Nicholas is a teacher Andre Straubinger, seminarian at Graz Theological Seminary. He has been traveling as Santa Claus for many years, so he is very knowledgeable. No prior knowledge is necessary to participate. All men and women who wish to embody Saint Nicholas are cordially invited and can register online at the website Website of the Catholic Church in Styria Register.

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Apples and nuts are traditionally found in Santa's bags, and tangerines are often offered as well.  |  Image: Joanna Muhlbauer /

“Saint Nicholas Meeting” in Graz

In the December 6 The Catholic Youth Group’s annual St. Nicholas campaign is held on Herrengasse in Graz – a Styria’s St. Nicholas meeting, so to speak. Santa will be out on the street between 1 and 4 p.m. There is a children’s Santa Claus station at the town’s parish church, and there is also the opportunity for little ones to be Santa Claus themselves. All Santas old and new are invited to participate in the campaign.

Big and small: On December 6th, you will meet many Santa Clauses at the Herrengasse in Graz.  |  Photo: Catholic Youth Group of Styria
Santa visits home:

Santa Claus is usually booked through the responsible parishes. If you are interested in visiting Santa Claus, you can contact the parish where you live. A list of contacts in the Dioceses of Styria can be found here:

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