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Beer can improve the gut microbiome - a healing practice

Beer can improve the gut microbiome – a healing practice

Greater diversity of gut bacteria through beer

Men who, as part of a recent study, daily one Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer They drank can change the composition Intestinal germs To promote. comparison before the study, gut microbiome One Greater diversity of gut bacteria on me.

The American Chemical Society Reports of a pilot study show that Beer consumption positively affects diversity in the gut microbiome. The results were recently published inJournal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry” Foot.

Diversity in the gut is important for health

The human intestine is made up of countless numbers Microorganisms Inhabited. This microbiome, often referred to as the gut flora, is directly related to Impact on well-being and health from the host.

Previous studies already have one Greater diversity of gut bacteria with Reduced risk of chronic disease How diabetic And the Cardiovascular disease linked to each other.

Beer has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora

contains beer polyphenols Such as Microorganisms from fermentationwhich can positively affect the diversity of the intestinal microbiota, current research shows.

Drink beer for science

For the small study, 19 healthy men were randomly divided into two groups. All participants drank for four weeks After dinner 0.33 liters of non-alcoholic or alcoholic beer.

A bottle of beer a day boosts diversity in the gut

Before and after the study, the gut microbiome was examined. Both the non-alcoholic beer group and the alcoholic beer group had A Greater bacterial diversity in their gut microbiome than before the study.

The researchers confirmed that weight, body mass index, and serum markers of heart and metabolic health were not negatively affected by moderate beer consumption.

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The results of the study indicate that Consume a bottle of beer a day Regardless of the alcohol content Beneficial for the gut microbiome Works by men.

Non-alcoholic beer is the healthiest option

However, the working group emphasizes that non-alcoholic beer is the healthiest option, as regular alcohol consumption can have other negative effects on the body that were not examined in the study.

determination of results

In addition, the number of participants was small and only men participated in the study. To confirm the positive effect of beer on the gut flora and see if beer affects the microbiome in women in the same way, the results should be verified in a larger cohort. (FP)

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