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Before the tour started – Ö3 presenters Tommy Ten and Amelie Van Tas helped set up the stage

Before the tour started – Ö3 presenters Tommy Ten and Amelie Van Tas helped set up the stage

He has already worked as a florist, bellman, ski instructor, and forester, helped harvest grapes, groomed brides, delivered mail, and worked in a dog salon, a carpentry shop, and a bakery: “With 'Knoll holding hands' we get on with it.” Stuff Live “We want to show how diverse and exciting the world of work is in Austria,” explains Ö3 presenter Andy Knoll.

Today he reported live from VAZ St. Pölten about the preparations for Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass's magic show. The Kremser and Pielachtalin, who have been accompanied by NÖN since their first steps, begin their Austrian tour on March 1 in St. Pölten. The two hired Andi Knoll to help set up the show: on Monday afternoon, the Ö3 presenter moved stage elements and tried out magic tricks – and was broadcast live from VAZ St. Pölten.

Andy Knoll as a stagehand at VAZ St. Pölten.

Press radio Ö3

Magician Tommy Ten's career began in 2011 on the ORF program “The Big Chance”, where he reached the semi-finals. After becoming World Champion of Mental Magic in 2015, he and Amelie van Taas became the first European magic duo to reach Broadway. Today they play in the same casinos where Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran perform.

All the shows have been set up in St. Pölten – and Ö3 presenter Andy Knoll has helped with the preparations for today's show. Knoll helped with stage set-up work, looked after the dog Mr. Kuni Hundini, ironed Amélie's show costumes, built a controlled fire (the show also included fire tricks) and tested the antennas – scarves for aerial acrobatics and aerial acrobatics hung from the ceiling. Andy Knoll's conclusion: “First of all, this thing is sticking to the ceiling. Secondly, it really hurts my shoulder – but we turn so well I almost feel sick.” Amelie's conclusion: “If Tommy can't do it, you can commit already.”

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There is a video of it on the Ö3 Instagram account. “Knoll Graps an” is available to listen to on ORF-Sound for seven days: