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Below Alert Value: Intensive Care Patients Decreased - Measures Still In |  regional

Below Alert Value: Intensive Care Patients Decreased – Measures Still In | regional

Stuttgart – The number of intensive care patients in Baden-Württemberg is below a critical value. Restrictions in public life must remain in effect.

The state health office (LGA) said 441 of those infected with the coronavirus were treated in intensive care beds on Friday. This means that their number has long remained below the maximum of 450, which is crucial for the second alert level with strict precautions. The incidence of hospitalizations on Friday was 2.7, well below the value of 6.0, related to Alert Level II.

Essentially, if both numbers remain below the maximum values ​​for five consecutive days, mitigation is possible. Discos and clubs are likely to open. 2G-plus rules will be scrapped in many establishments.

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The ministry announced, however, that there will be no easing in the next few days. The rules in place on the second alert level were extended on Tuesday by the Cabinet “until further notice”. In the official wording of the ministry: “The path of precaution will continue with the expected increase in the state of danger in the country due to the Omikron variable.”

Since December, 9,799 cases of the Omikron variant have been found in Baden-Württemberg. These are suspected cases and proven infections. Omikron is now the dominant alternative to the coronavirus. More than 50 percent of all SARS-CoV-2 diagnoses can be attributed to the Omikron variant.

The incidence is increasing for seven days in Baden-Württemberg. On Friday it was 269.4. This represents an increase of 13.1 on Thursday.

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