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Benefits of raw foods

Benefits of raw foods

Salads and raw vegetables are especially popular in the summer. Do you like veggie sticks etc? Then we have good news for you: raw food is versatile and healthy! In addition to well-known foods that are eaten raw, in this article you will find important information about the controversial topic of raw food. Read here what foods can be eaten raw without any problems and what happens to them in your body.

Benefits of raw food

Five servings Fresh fruit And vegetables It should be included daily in your diet plan.

When you eat raw food, you’re doing something good for your body, in particular Vitamin C Not heat resistant. Therefore, many types of fruits and vegetables lose important nutrients when cooked. The high fiber content in raw foods is beneficial for gut health. In addition, fiber is better retained in raw foods.

In addition to well-known raw foods such as fruits and vegetables, some types of meat and fish, as well as eggs and other foods also belong to the list of raw foods.

You can eat these foods raw

You can find one here summary with foodsThat’s for Raw food consumption suitable:

  • vegetables (Raw beets or peppers in particular are good sources of folic acid and vitamin C.)
  • fruit (generally best in raw food form)
  • Herbs: Fresh parsley, basil, etc. are richer in vitamins
  • Nuts: Best enjoyed pure from the roaster
  • Meat, fish and eggs: If fresh (forms such as tartare, mate and sushi can be eaten raw)
  • Raw milk products: You can enjoy soft cheeses such as Camembert, Feta and Co. on their own without hesitation
  • Peas and cauliflower And Broccoli flowers: in small quantities
  • Fennel, pumpkin, zucchini And cabbage: If they don’t taste bitter
  • wheat: Best ground and soaked
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Grains such as oat flakes, psyllium husks, and flax seeds are particularly rich in nutrients and fiber.

In the clip: You should never eat these foods raw

Stay away: You should not eat these foods raw

But not all foods are suitable for raw consumption. For example, animal foods can be included Salmonella They are contaminated and therefore should generally not be consumed raw.

  • Poultry And pork: You should always fry chicken, turkey, and pork well
  • potato: In its raw food form, it can cause digestive problems because it is difficult to digest
  • LegumesChickpeas, beans and lentils are not suitable for consumption raw because they contain lectins
  • Mushrooms: Some are poisonous when raw (such as chestnuts)
  • Elderberries: It contains toxic samponigrin and therefore must always be heated
  • Swiss chard, spinach And rhubarb: The oxalic acid it contains can inhibit the absorption of nutrients. (But baby spinach is not a problem)

Good to know: Carrots And tomatoes Although it can be eaten raw, it is healthier when cooked. The fat-soluble beta-carotene found in carrots can be better absorbed by the body after heating it and adding a little oil.

Lose weight with raw foods: a healthy alternative to snacks

A diet in which only raw foods are consumed can be used Weight loss Support, as sauces and the like are often bombs of hidden calories.

Raw foods are full of nutrients VitaminsHe works detoxification On the human body and still exists Low in calories. Raw foods can be used as an alternative to high-calorie snacks. However, you should make sure that you only eat raw foods in small quantities, especially in the evening, as they may be difficult to digest.

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This is what you should know about raw foods

In addition, raw food may be difficult for some people to digest and cause stomach bloating because the digestion process takes longer. What is generally important is: Chewing well and eating slowly ensures that the body is able to digest the food it eats better.

Nutrients such as Iodine, vitamin D, vitamin B12 And iron The body can process it better if the food is preheated.

To the general Nutritional requirements To cover this, by no means should you eat exclusively raw foods. It is essential to combine plenty of proteins and healthy fats.