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Bergisel: ÖSV-Adler's World Cup training

Bergisel: ÖSV-Adler’s World Cup training

It has been emphasized that you are physically already “close to 100 percent”. In order to achieve this, it just takes “a little bit of tuning,” said Stefan Kraft, who has also released the mantra of wanting to become “one of the best jumpers in the world” again. Regardless of the case, the anticipation of the World Championships in Planica was especially great.

Ice approach pass training took place on the Bergisel Ski Jump. Then they landed on the mats. This type of drill is called “hybrid jumping” and should be the perfect preparation for the start of the season in Poland, so hopefully.

Springer is enthusiastic and self-confident

There, too, he wanted to be “on top,” stressing three-time world champion Kraft a week before kick-off in Wisla, Poland, on the mats in an interview with APA. This is mainly possible because preparations have gone so well so far and he’s been pain-free all summer, says Kraft. “I’m really glad he’s finally starting,” added the 29-year-old, the former World Cup winner.

Tyrolean Philip Aschenwald struck an equally positive preparatory balance. “After last mixed season, it went well this time,” Al-Tiruli confirmed. This year, Aschenwald says he wants to “collect medals” again and be at the forefront of the world championships.


Men’s and Women’s Ski Jump Team with ÖSV President Roswitha Stadlauber

Veteran Manuel Wittner was inspired by his good Olympic performance the previous season. “Of course that gives me a lot of motivation,” the 37-year-old Olympic silver medalist said on the regular hill. In any case, this season he wants to “take with him everything possible.”

Defending World Cup champion Sarah Marietta Kramer was a bit more conservative, and although she was very motivated, she nonetheless emphasized that things are “on the way up” at the moment. “Of course, my goal is to be able to fight up front again and be one of the best,” said the 21-year-old from Salzburg. Anyway, it’s slowly getting closer to what you imagine in this respect.

Bergisel Ski Jump Jumpers


The coaches are satisfied

Chiara Crozier and Eva Pinkling put it in a more positive light. “It’s definitely going in the right direction,” Crozier said, while Pinkling, who did well in the summer competitions, said she was “feeling very fit.” For her, it’s still a matter of staying healthy mentally and physically, then I can’t stand a ‘highlight season’ for her.

ÖSV coaches emphasized that the early start of the season had no apparent effect on the athletes’ motivation. “The girls started really well,” said women’s coach Harald Rudlauer. He added that the current situation is also an “exciting challenge”. “The team is definitely on the right track,” said Andreas Wiedholzl, the men’s coach.

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