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Berlusconi calls Meloni 'arrogant' |  pulse 24

Berlusconi calls Meloni ‘arrogant’ | pulse 24

In the right-wing camp in Italy, which emerged victorious in parliamentary elections, the blessing of the house seems lopsided. During the first session of the Senate, Berlusconi made condescending remarks about Meloni.

The former prime minister and head of the conservative right-wing Forza Italia party, Silvio Berlusconi, reacted angrily to the veto by election winner Giorgia Meloni against some ministerial candidates proposed by the information minister for the new government, according to media reports.

In his notes, he described her as “arrogant, stubborn, arrogant and abusive.” The paper with Berlusconi’s remarks was photographed from afar in the Senate, enlarged and published in the Romanian daily newspaper “La RepublicaYou can’t negotiate with Meloni because she is unshakable, slammed the election winner and leader of the far-right Fratelli d’Italia party, Berlusconi, Italian media reported.

Meloni vetoes those close to Berlusconi

The background is the controversy over Licia Ronzulli, Berlusconi’s confidant. Berlusconi is scheduled to include her in the new government, which is expected to be formed next week, as Minister of Health or Education. However, Meloni objected to Meloni and did not budge.

In protest of Meloni, senators in Forza Italia did not vote for their party’s candidate Fratelli d’Italia for the Senate presidency, Ignazio La Rossa. However, La Rosa was elected with the help of some dissenting senators. Disagreement in the right-wing bloc is not a good omen in light of the imminent formation of the government in Rome.

The first head of the Italian government

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Movement Italia emerged as the single strongest party in the Italian parliamentary elections on September 25, with 26 percent of the vote. The party is allied with former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini Lega and Forza Italia, who received just nine and eight percent of the vote, respectively. Meloni is expected to become the first head of the Italian government.