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Best Spartan is again Italian

Best Spartan is again Italian

For the past two years, Eugenio Bianchi has been in his own class in St. Polten and won the Spartan Super Elite Heat again this year. Prior to his hurdles career, the 36-year-old from Erba in Lombardy was, among other things, the 2013 Snowboard World Cup winner and has already racked up more than 20 victories in various classes as part of the Spartan Series.

This year, he had to run ten kilometers with 25 obstacles and Bianchi celebrated his victory at the start of the finish in a time of 58:29 minutes. “I was a little nervous before the start, but I decided to be the fastest this year too. Bianchi said happily during the interview with the winner. As in 2019, Slovakian Peter Sneja took second place. Denmark’s youngster Sebastian Iversen came in third.


Accomplished but Satisfied: Spartan 2022 winners Peter Senega, Eugenio Bianchi and Sebastian Iversen (left to right)

“A short distance away, St. Polten is one of the wildest races in all of Europe. At first you think you’re walking in an urban area, but then suddenly you feel like Rambo in the woods when you enter the forest. Lots of wood, ever-changing terrain – quite a challenge, Bianchi described his impressions.

Fastest Austrian reaches top 6

The short time periods show how high the intensity of performance is among elite men. The top ten athletes were in just two and a half minutes, and three Austrians also managed to rank single-digit. Carinthian Rene Groinig was the best original Spartan in sixth. “The field is narrowing and with one mistake you no longer have a chance to be among the first. Being able to push yourself on the same level with so many people is really great,” Villach said happily. Andreas Bomhakl of Graz came in seventh while Patrick came in Petzel from Vienna is in eighth place.

Adela Vourakova, second place winner last year, took home the women’s class. The Czech beat Jezabel Kramer of France and Lena Wheeler of Germany, who finished third like last year. Local champion Stephanie Habeler of Rohr im gebirge (Wr. Neustadt) missed the podium in fifth place.

Photo series with 4 photos

winning woman


Women’s Elite winners Isabelle Kramer, Adela Vorakova and Lena Wheeler (from left)
The three best Austrians


Austrian trio Patrick Petzel, Rene Groenig and Andreas Bomhakl (from left) finally celebrated


Men’s winner Eugenio Bianchi in the ‘barbed wire creep’ obstacle, where real barbed wire is not used for safety reasons


In order to master the ‘Monkey Bar’ obstacle, fist strength is required above all else

“I’m more than running on the mountains and have struggled in the bushes, but I’m still very satisfied with the result,” said Hubler, who after 2021 finished again as Austria’s best this year.

rain prevention full program

In addition to the main competitions and children’s races, a night race with headlights was originally planned. Due to heavy rain, which partially flooded the grounds in Fultendorf on Friday evening, the night race had to be canceled without a replacement.

“The weather surprised us a bit and finished the day after the last children’s race. On Saturday morning, there was nothing standing and we had to set everything up again in the morning hours in order to stick to schedule,” explained Alexander Hoch, head of the organization. In all, the organizers counted about 3,500 participants this year.

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