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Best Weather Apps 2024 for iOS and Android

Best Weather Apps 2024 for iOS and Android

Although we have already left the cold season behind us, there is no talk of summer, sun and rays. To the fullest extent Changeable weather Are you planning to Excursions and external events To the challenge.

Applying the right weather as a constant companion is essential here. In recent years there have been a few New application offers They have been added which not only offers a lot more visually but also provides better data.

We offer you this Applications before:

  • windy: iOS and Android
  • Weather area: iOS and Android
  • (not boring) weather: internal control Department
  • Meteoblue: iOS and Android
  • Ventoski: iOS and Android

Windy has gradually evolved into one of the most popular weather apps over the past few years. What is compelling here is a combination of Accurate data And one SurfaceAnd he is second to none.

Windy offers wide-area weather radars in the basic version, through which we can see the current and Circumstances are approaching Always keep an eye on it. Rain clouds, wind, thunderstorms, fine dust, or the overall temperature distribution can be reflected 42 display levels be seen.

These include forecasting models, among others ECMWF, ICON-EU and NEMS To use. While the free version doesn't leave much to be desired, it does deliver Premium subscription Among others, one-hour forecast, a 10 day preview And satellite archive. Subscription is available from €20.99 per year.

Free windy for internal control Department And Android available.

Something more Austria focused Available on, the app is from GeoSphere-Austria, formerly known as the Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG). gives us a brief overview of Current and upcoming weather All over Austria and beyond the borders.

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By default one welcomes us Map of AustriaWhich shows us the current weather condition in Austria with temperatures and weather conditions. Here we can also see the forecast for the next two days. Directly below we find this Current rain radar The last few hours as well Satellite image and lightning map.

If we want to go into more detail, we can use the search mask City, zip code or point of interest entrance. Detailed forecasts for temperature, sunshine, precipitation and wind can be found here.

Available data is also important, especially in warmer seasons Exposure to ultraviolet rays Beside Pollen loadwhich also provides a two-day forecast. is free to internal control Department And Android available.

(Not boring) The weather

Although the design of many weather apps has improved significantly over the past few years, the available display may still be too boring for some. Not-Boring-Weather-App wants to do this with one app Alternative method Bring some momentum to your daily weather. Anyone who enters here for the first time will be greeted with animated numbers and a lively interface.

Not-so-boring weather doesn't need much explanation; Where all important data can be found instantly. To be able to see the weather of our location, we just have to share the location or enter it manually in the search mask. Then an incomparable interface is presented to us for the first time. The focus is clearly visible Temperature And also Cover of clouds.

Let's swipe on those timetable, lively prediction. Otherwise, we rely almost exclusively on swiping gestures, which we use, among other things 60 minute forecast The next seven days can be viewed.

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In addition, non-boring weather displays More data Such as humidity, dew point, chance of precipitation, UV index, cloud cover and moon data. like Data source Applicable Apple Weather by default. Premium subscribers can also use AccuWeather, Foreca, OpenWeather, or This costs from €17.99 per year.

(Not boring) The weather is free internal control Department available.


Who is he clean And at the same time broad, they are well served by the Meteoblue app. Weather app from Switzerland provides us with current weather data and detailed forecasts. If we activate location detection or manually enter our whereabouts, we will be greeted with the current data when we start the application.

The current temperature and weather are prominently displayed here, including the forecast Temperature, rain, sunshine And winds For the next 7 days. If we want to go into more detail here, we can click on one of the days in question. Meteoblue serves us more Forecast data For the day in question in a 3-hour decision.

In the tab ““Meteogram” We find graphics that show trends in temperature, precipitation, and other weather components. We also gain insight into the predictions of different models. Among other things, this is used here Typical NEMS family.

by Radar and satellite animation Meteoblue also provides a preview or review of current weather developments. If you want to deactivate ads and access historical weather data, you can book the premium version for €2.99 per year.

Meteoblue is free to internal control Department And Android available.

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From the weather Visually attractive But at the same time you want to present it in a compact way, you will have a lot of fun with Ventusky. The app, which comes from Pilsen, Czech Republic, combines current and forecast data as well as radars on one screen. By querying or manually entering our location, we are taken directly to the local weather when we start the app.

While most of the screen is from radar Captured, we can zoom in on the compact bar at the bottom by scrolling to one An abundance of weather and environmental data To get back. Temperature, precipitation, wind direction and speed, as well as metograms, air pollution data, and the path of the sun and moon can be viewed here.

But radar also has a lot to offer. Temperature, falling, wind blowing, air pollution And even Northern lights can be displayed. Satellite animation Also available. A special feature of Ventusky is model selection, which can be done manually.

Here, in addition to “Automatic”, we can also choose manually from models such as ICON, GFS, ECMWF, EURAD or AROME He chooses. Anyone for Outstanding alternative If you decide to pay €9.99 per year, you will receive a lot of additional data such as humidity, dew point or zero degree limit as well as unlimited notifications.

Ventusky is free to internal control Department And Android available.

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