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BIDEN ON RUN FOR 2024: Campaigning is very busy

BIDEN ON RUN FOR 2024: Campaigning is very busy

US President Joe Biden has made it clear once again that he wants to run again in the 2024 presidential election. “My intention (…) was from the beginning to run again,” Biden said in an interview with the American station ABC broadcast yesterday. “But there are many other things I need to do in the near future before I start my campaign,” said the 80-year-old.

The Democrat has indicated repeatedly in the past that he would like to run for a second term. However, there has been no official announcement yet. However, given his advanced age, even within Biden’s own party, there are reservations about whether he would be the best candidate. Biden will be 81 in the next presidential election in 2024, 82 at the start of a second term and 86 at the end.

If Biden officially enters the race for the White House, he shouldn’t face any significant competition from Democrats. The leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination so far are former President Donald Trump and former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley.

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