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Biden promises Zelensky quick support – Politics –

Biden promises Zelensky quick support – Politics –

Biden spoke by phone with his counterpart from Kyiv

Shortly before the vote in the US Senate on a new aid package for Ukraine, US President Joe Biden promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky quick support. The White House said in a statement that Biden spoke by phone with his counterpart on Monday. Biden said that once the Senate passes the bill and Biden signs it, his administration “will quickly provide new security assistance.”

This is intended to meet Ukraine's pressing needs on the battlefield and in air defense. US aid would also help maintain Ukraine's financial stability, rebuild critical infrastructure in the country attacked by Russia, and promote reforms aimed at integrating Ukraine into the Euro-Atlantic region.

In his evening video message, Zelensky spoke of a possible “ideal” agreement. Ukraine and the United States agreed to supply ATACMS missiles. The short-range missiles have a range of up to 300 kilometers and, according to consistent information, could significantly enhance Ukraine's military capabilities. The US delivered ATACMS missiles to Ukraine for the first time last year – but so far they have a range of only 165 kilometres. Zelensky did not provide any specific information about the ATACMS model that the United States wants to introduce.

After months of stalemate, Ukraine can count on billions in new aid from the United States. The US House of Representatives on Saturday approved by a bipartisan majority a US$61 billion (€57 billion) aid package, which also includes arms shipments urgently needed for defense against Russia.

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The necessary Senate approval is still pending, but is considered certain – and is expected mid-week. Biden announced that he would sign the law “immediately.”