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Big mystery at the Australian Open: Who will beat Novak Djokovic?

Big mystery at the Australian Open: Who will beat Novak Djokovic?

Candidate for the title? Zverev has recently been in good early form.
Photo: EPA

First date in Australia: Alcaraz, Zverev or Sinner, who has the better chance against Djokovic? This time around, the uncertainty at the start of the season is greater than usual, and there's a simple reason for that.

nUvac Djokovic took advantage of his first chance. He didn't need a serve, a break, or a stunning lead. The first question at the press conference before the start of the Australian Open was enough for the tennis player: one reporter wanted to know from Djokovic who his biggest rival is. He replied: “I am.” The world number one quickly added that right after that would come “the other best players in the world”, all of whom were here to win the title.

But the message the 24-time Grand Slam champion wanted to send has long since arrived: Djokovic is playing so well that only Djokovic can beat Djokovic. Not only did he look confident as usual, he seemed almost arrogant. In principle, such statements are justified. Djokovic has reached the semi-finals ten times in his career in Melbourne. Then he reached the last ten times. He won ten times. Now follows Title XI.

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