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Big plans – the old farm in Stalbach will become a treatment center

Big plans – the old farm in Stalbach will become a treatment center

Innovative young entrepreneur Sophie Berger from Stalbach near Kasten has big plans. She wants to turn the farm, which has been in the family for centuries, into a treatment center with a team of doctors, therapists and counsellors.

The range should range from traditional medical offerings to alternative solutions to group work, yoga, meditation and creative courses. The first interviews with potential partners are underway. In 2024, there will be a group meeting for all interested parties in the spring and an open day in the fall.

“The start is planned for the end of next year. In addition to the treatment rooms and training courses, there will be a large room for lectures and workshops, but also for events such as weddings. “I would also like to have a place to sit outside, options for overnight stays and animal-assisted therapy,” explains Berger. “The farm in the middle of nature is the perfect place to find yourself again.

Sophie Berger wants to offer redirection and alternative ways of living and dealing with stress related to nature. A self-sufficiency project with a joint family is also being considered. “For the time invested, you get organic food and also a therapeutic effect from living in nature.”

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