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Bike Tour Through USA – Kirchberg Adventurer’s Travelogue Inspires

Bike Tour Through USA – Kirchberg Adventurer’s Travelogue Inspires

In 60 days, Kirchberger cycled from the Atlantic to the Pacific, crossing 13 states. The tour took him from New York to Seattle. He covered 5,600 kilometers and climbed a height of 21,400 meters. He was alone on gravel terrain, bike paths and six-lane highways. His comment on the tour: “Something always hurts, but you can help yourself.”

Often stretched for miles through remote areas like the Rocky Mountains or Montana; With a bear spray in his pocket. Mayer achieved great physical and mental performance. “Goals should be set in life. It’s important that you know your own limits and don’t cross them,” he told the audience.

HTL professor used mobile phones and laptops to communicate. “During the trip you can slow down and enjoy the freedom of a bike ride. You get to know the country and the people away from the tourist crowds,” he said. A broken mobile phone, a stumbling block or broken spokes – the adventurer always found a solution. In his view, the many beautiful moments during the tour outweighed that.

Manfred Maier received a lot of applause for his presentation. The organizer is Gulderwerkstadt Kirchberg. Voluntary donations up to 1,000 euros; Half of them go to the local Red Cross office and half to the local mountain rescue office in Kirchberg.