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Billa and Fratelli Barbaro bring home “Pinsa, Pasta and Amore” »Leadersnet

Billa and Fratelli Barbaro bring home “Pinsa, Pasta and Amore” »Leadersnet

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| 01/31/2023

The display of products for specialties attracted distinguished guests to Billa Corso’s wine bar.

Antonio and Luigi Jr. Barbaro, sons of Italian restaurateur Luigi Barbaro Sin. From Vienna, it launches its own line of high-quality Italian cuisine. The “Fratelli Barbaro” brand is available exclusively in around 500 Billa and Billa Plus stores throughout Austria. It must embody customers’ enjoyment of authentic Italian specialties. On Monday evening, the brand’s new product was launched at Billa Corso’s wine bar Kärntner Ring in the center of Vienna Gifts. The interest was great, like the domestic inspection before ledersent show up.

Billa, Category and Purchasing Manager Eric Szucci is pleased to collaborate and explains: “At Billa we know that our customers especially value those products that make their daily lives easier and prepare fresh, balanced dishes – and do this without sacrificing pleasure and taste.”

Classic Italian dishes

The new product line initially includes eight specific products (see info box). These include different types of gnocchi with pumpkin or spinach, but also purely vegetarian and whole grain ones. The range also includes pasta sauces such as “Sugo alla puttanesca”, “Sugo tartufo” and vegetable “Bolognese”. Various types of “pina” based on Neapolitan Barbaro’s family recipe complete the range. All products are precooked, stewed, or baked and should be ready to eat within a few minutes. Only fresh food is processed and no preservatives are used.

“Inspired by our father and passionate restaurateur Padrone Luigi Barbaro Sr., who successfully established our Italian homeland in Vienna with his restaurants, we set ourselves the goal of spreading the taste of our Mediterranean roots throughout Austria. With our brand “Fratelli Barbaro”, we are realizing a long-cherished dream as hosts: cuisine Restaurant-quality Italian for every dining table at fair prices”, explain Antonio and Luigi John. Barbaro.

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Tastings with distinguished guests

During the presentation, the guests were able to convince themselves of the quality and taste of the new Italian products. Among those present were Eric Szucci, Bella Director of Category Management and Purchasing, Marcus Kontek, Rewe’s Head of Direction and Innovation Management, Heinrich Prokop and Marlos Formans, both Managing Director and Co-Founder of Clever Clover, Gastro Group Chairman Peter Dobcak, Thai boxer Fadi Mirza , Chiara Bissatti, known from the TV family Putz, author Clemens Treschler, fashion designer Knot Lounge, influencer Verena Katrin Jamlich and many other guests.

ledersent It was at the launch of the brand. You can find impressions here.

Products from “Fratelli Babaro”

Gnocchi di Spinaci for €3.99

Gnocchi di Zucca / pumpkin gnocchi for €3.99

Gnocchi di Farina Integrale / Vegetarian wholegrain gnocchi for €3.99

Creme tartufo / creamy truffle sauce for €3.99

Sogo alla puttanesca / tomato sauce with olives, capers and anchovies for €3.99

Bolognese Vegetale / Vegetable Bolognese for € 3.99

Antica Piensa Napoletana / Piensa Napoli with Baked Pork and Truffle Sauce for € 5.99

Antica Piensa Napolitana / Piensa Napoli with salami and mozzarella for € 5.99