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Bitter defeat for Trump's candidate in the Georgia primary

Bitter defeat for Trump’s candidate in the Georgia primary

The defeat is also a setback for former President Trump, who wants revenge against incumbent Governor Kemp. This clearly won – and Trump’s ex-Vice President Pence supports it.

In the United States primaries Georgia The candidate backed by former President Donald Trump suffered a delicate defeat on Tuesday. David Purdue, the Trump-backed challenger for governor of the southern state, conceded defeat as the results of the early split left him nearly 50 percentage points behind incumbent Governor Brian Kemp. Kemp’s election victory was expected, but not by such a margin.

The defeated Purdue presented himself as a close ally of Trump during the election campaign. The former senator regularly repeated the former president’s allegations about the alleged mass fraud in the 2020 presidential election that Trump used against the Democrat, now president. Joe Biden Lost.

Governor Kemp objected trumpHis anger because he refused to know the election result at that time Georgia It turned in favor of the then president. So Trump regularly attacked Kemp sharply and put himself behind his rival Perdue.

On Election Day itself, Trump reiterated his support for Purdue and his criticism of Kemp. The 75-year-old former president wrote in a statement that Purdue is a “conservative fighter who is not afraid of the radical left.” kemp against it Georgia He admitted “abandoned” and “large-scale voter fraud”. “Kemp is a very weak ruler.”

directional battle

In the United States, midterm congressional elections and a series of gubernatorial elections will take place in November. In the primaries, Trump, who remains popular with the conservative base, is displaying his power and expressing support for Republican candidates loyal to him.

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On the other hand, parts of the party are trying to fend off Trump’s influence. Among other things, they fear that Trump’s focus on his defeat in the 2020 election and alleged voter fraud may harm Republicans in the upcoming elections.

Will there be a duel between Trump and Pence?

This is how the former Vice President presented himself Mike Pence in the primaries Georgia Publicly on the side of Governor Kemp – and thus indirectly against his former President Trump. Pence, who, like Trump, is said to have ambitions to run for president in 2024, appeared on the campaign trail with Kemp on Monday night. “I was with Brian Kemp before it was nice,” Pence told hundreds of supporters in the greater Atlanta area.

Primary elections were also held in Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota and Texas on Tuesday. In primaries in other states in recent weeks, Trump-backed candidates have had some successes, but there have also been defeats for the former president’s camp.