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'Black hole laser' could make Hawking radiation 'visible'

‘Black hole laser’ could make Hawking radiation ‘visible’

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So far there is no possibility of a so-called Hawking radiationAnd One of the physicist Stephen Hawking predicted the volatilizing thermal radiation from black holes, to be empirically proven. But this could soon change. By creating a special quantum circuit called a kind of “black hole laser“It can work, it can basically simulate some of the properties of a black hole, researchers at Hiroshima University suggest. This will allow to observe Hawking radiation without having to search for it in real black holes.

Spacetime black holes bend so much that a deep funnel is created, not even that Electromagnetic waves can escape.

The model must use metamaterial

There are different models in which space-time is replaced by other materials such as water, etc. The velocity of the current increases so much that it is greater than the speed at which the waves propagate on the surface of the water and therefore cannot escape. Researchers from Japan suggest their story Paradigm material so miraculous It has an artificially produced structure, there are no permeable electric and magnetic fields in nature.

It must have a structure in which the molecules within it can move faster than the light shining through it. ‘Which – which super substance It allows Hawking radiation to move back and forth between horizons.” Haruna Katayama from Hiroshima University in Japan.

Josephson effect added

The goal is to amplify Hawking radiation so that it becomes measurable. so called Josephson effectt is used – a phenomenon in which the flow of current is created without voltage, As reported by Sciencealert. The combination of metamatter and the Josephson effect could theoretically investigate the shape of a black hole.

The system would make it possible to measure the quantitative correlation between two particles – one inside the event horizon and the other outside the event horizon – without having to observe both. event horizon one interface in spacetime. It is believed that events Beyond this interface is not visible in principle when observers are on this side of the interface.

However, it may take some time before such a laser can be manufactured. study was Published in Scientific Reports.

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