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Blackpool player: Europe's only professional: Jake Daniels stands by his homosexuality

Blackpool player: Europe’s only professional: Jake Daniels stands by his homosexuality

As the second active professional footballer, Jake Daniels of English second tier team Blackpool has come out as gay. The 17-year-old, who recently signed his first professional contract, said he was gay in an interview with Sky Sports on Monday. “I feel ready to tell people my story,” Daniels said. So far, he is the only professional footballer in Europe to have taken this step.

Prior to Daniels, 22-year-old Australian Josh Cavallo of Adelaide United announced he was gay last October. The late Justin Fashanu moved to England in 1990.

Daniels said he told his family and called him before the interview. “I thought for a long time that I was hiding the truth because I wanted to become a professional footballer, which I am now,” said the striker, who said he had doubts at first. “I was wondering if I should wait until I retire before posting it.” He hoped that active players would follow his lead.

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