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Blau-Wei Linz getting close to each other

Blau-Wei Linz getting close to each other

The show must go on – and this currently also applies to second-division FC Blauwe Linz ahead of today’s home game against FAC: On Wednesday, the club was under Rafael Duamena due to the break in the FB Cup against Hartburg due to medical treatment and an emergency Strmer Shock – Three days later, the league is back around the points. At least, the mood improved a little yesterday: the 26-year-old Ghanaian was allowed to leave the hospital on Friday afternoon.

The past few days were by no means normal. Only yesterday the blue and white returned to the training ground. On Thursday, a day after our doubles collapsed, not only Blau-We coach Gerald Schepelhner, but also some of his players were able to conduct a proper training session. “Everyone handles the situation differently,” Schepelhner says. “It was good for us that we took that day and didn’t go straight back to the agenda.”

After a shocking moment about their famous teammate, the Blue Whites now want to get closer to each other. “The shock is still deep, luckily Rafael is already better. Our thoughts are with him. We’re holding on to each other,” said Blau-Wei captain Michael Brandner, who escorted Dwamena to the ambulance after the trophy was scrapped. In addition to Dwamena, the Linzers have to replace suspended Tobias Koch and injured Julian Gillies again today.

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