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Bobsleigh World Cup: Swiss bobsleigh stars visit the Stadler factory in the US

Small team, big station

Pop stars visit the Stadler factory in the US

Bob’s track meets the railway. The Swiss Eiskanal delegation visited a special factory in the United States.


Swiss bobsleigh stars around Michael Vogt (2nd from right) tune into the Stadler train “Made in USA”: Swiss sliding representatives visit major sponsor’s plant in Salt Lake City.


Matthew DubachReporter game

Around leader Michael Vogt (24) we watch Swiss bobsleigh teams try to push a train weighing tons onto the tracks. Is it a new exercise to get the many muscles of pop pilots and pushers in shape?

No Swiss is only trying for photography. During their overseas trip to North America, the delegation will visit a specialty factory in the United States with three World Cup races taking place next weekend in Whistler, Park City and now Lake Placid.