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Border plane: In the United States, passengers are seated on tape

Duct tape on the passenger’s seat with anxiously built videos United States எட்டிக்கு. Records were already on a flight from the weekend Philadelphia To Miami Created. In connection with the incident, the airline Frontier reported that the passenger had had improper physical contact with two flight attendants and physically assaulted one of their co-workers. That person must be arrested and that person must be detained until the plane lands in Miami.

The video shows a young man screaming and screaming on a plane and then tied to a seat with duct tape. The 22-year-old is said to have ordered several drinks on the plane, citing U.S. media and police Report. After all, he allegedly harassed two flight attendants and assaulted the other flight attendant. Eventually, the passengers would have helped to subdue the man.

This situation is one of the “worst examples” of what can happen during a flight. Announced by the Air Assistants Association. “The drunken and angry passenger verbally, physically and sexually assaulted several crew members. When he refused several attempts to expand, the crew was forced to restrain the passenger using the means on board.” The crew had the full support of the union.

There has been great excitement in the past as the airline has suspended the flight attendants involved. Borderlands eventually said employees had been given paid leave for the duration of the investigation into the incident. The airline has high appreciation, respect and support for all flight attendants – including those on board the aircraft.