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Boris Becker made several emergency calls from the cell

Boris Becker made several emergency calls from the cell

As Bild newspaper reported, Boris Becker repeatedly pressed the emergency button in his cell in Wandsworth, England. He has claustrophobia, feels uncomfortable in his two-man cell, believes the sanitary conditions are disastrous and the food is very poor. He mainly uses his pocket money to buy biscuits.

He’s already been warned

“The prison is understaffed on the weekends, as is the case in the hospital,” a prison staff member told Bild newspaper. The emergency call button should only be used in an emergency. So emergency calls from Becker were not well received, the insider continued: “After Becker repeatedly pressed the button without a real emergency, he was warned that the counter was not hotel room service.”

One possible reason for the 54-year-old’s impatience may be that he had to share his cell with another inmate for a few days. Due to bad weather, the yard tour literally fell. For Boris, it meant: Too much time in so little space. In addition, the cell door must remain closed at night without exception – even with such a famous guest as Baker. On the other hand, during the day, he usually keeps the door open for him not to press the emergency call button.

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