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Boris Johnson as America’s Senior Partner

NOch recently it seemed as if Britain was approaching “Europe” again. In London, criticism of the US exit from Afghanistan was particularly strong. British politicians also expressed doubts about whether they could still have faith in the world power. After the conclusion of the security agreement with the United States and Australia, they fell silent; When asked occasionally where the Kingdom would be best in terms of defense policy, it was clarified: “Global Britain” is America’s youngest partner, and no less.

On his way to the United States, Prime Minister Johnson will feel some excitement surrounding the new security pact, which has caused much outrage in France and those involved may have been more diplomatic. It is also incomprehensible why France was not included in the strategic considerations. So it may take some more time for the French anger to subside and the politicians not to yearn for revenge.

In the United States, however, Johnson faces an issue that indirectly affects France: the effects of Brexit on Northern Ireland. Many American politicians, including President Biden, would not find it amusing if Johnson did not find an agreement in the current conflict with the EU. He could write a trade deal with Washington. It said: The chances of an agreement between the EU and Australia have not improved.

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