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Börse Express – Apple closes a billion-dollar deal for chip production in the US

Börse Express – Apple closes a billion-dollar deal for chip production in the US

CUPERTINO (dpa-AFX) – Apple Part of the multibillion-dollar deal will include components for communications chips designed and manufactured in the United States. A multi-year deal with chip giant Broadcom The iPhone team announced on Tuesday that it will include, among other things, components for 5G radio technology. There is no specific information on the size or duration of the contract.

iPhone modems for connecting to high-speed 5G data radios currently come from chip company Qualcomm. However, Apple has reportedly had ambitions for years to develop 5G technology in-house. Also Qualcomm Expect to lose the modem contract with Apple in the long run. Apple owns Intel’s wireless modem division in 2019 acquired – thereby also acquiring a development site in Munich.

While announcing the deal with Broadcom, Apple also mentioned its own promise to invest $430 billion in the US over the five years starting in 2021. The group sees itself on course. Apple boss Tim Cook spoke on Tuesday of his “unshakable confidence in America’s future” and that it will increase investments in the country.

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