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Börse Express – Hinggan League’s regional brand identity has been officially released

The regional brand identity of the Hinggan Association was revealed at the press conference held jointly by the CPC Association Henggan Committee, the Civil Administration of the Henggan Association and the China Communication University on August 15, 2022 in Beijing, and was officially presented.

At the press conference, the regional business identity and main slogan of the Hinggan League (Hinggan League in the Hinggan Mountains), the regional public motto for agricultural and pasture products (enjoy life in the Hinggan League, natural and fruitful), the regional audience (Hinggan League Safe Products) and product logo were launched Cultural tourism (Hinggan League and the Hinggan League), according to the Information Department of the Hinggan League Committee of the Communist Party of China.

The Hinggan League’s three-year regional brand identity campaign to start branding and communication in the Hinggan League was also announced.

“Henggan League spares no effort to build a base of agricultural products, green pastures and a popular tourist destination in China. To do this, we must create a distinctive regional brand identity and display the lovable and ambitious personalities of the league, so that more people can know and visit the league and contribute to the development of its quality” . It will continue to realize the potential of the league, highlighting the uniqueness of this region, building an IP portfolio and increasing brand awareness, reputation and competitiveness to promote transformational, green and high-quality development of the league.”

Located in the northeast of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in the central part of the Hinggan Mountains, the Hinggan Association makes full use of its diversified tourism resources as a regional power and is committed to building a nationally recognized tourist destination and a base for green agriculture and pasture products. The league has received a number of awards such as: the National Association for Unity Demonstration, the National Association for the Demonstration of Building Environmental Infrastructure, and the Green for Gold Innovation base.

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Caption: Hinggan League’s regional brand identity